Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 11, 2018

Mom. you are asking for a whooping, reading that book (Miracle of Forgiveness) hahha .

My companion is awesome and he learns super fast! Like really fast. By the 4th week it felt like we've been companions for a long time but there are still some things i give him tips on. We were teaching the Law of Chastity to an investigator named Emmanuel who will hopefully be baptized at the end of this month, but anyways we finished saying an opening prayer then I handed my companion the pamphlet and looked at him. That kinda threw him under the bus hahaha. Yo that lesson was so funny. He just slaughtered the whole thing and it was super awkward but that’s ok i was laughing inside the whole time. The investigator Emmanuel didn’t know any better so you can’t blame him. Emmanuel is 20 years old from Zimbabwe and he is such a cool nice guy! i love him so much. People from Zimbabwe are super super nice and polite. They are sometimes too polite and it makes you feel uncomfortable but they’re awesome. 

Our president has now set a rule we can’t teach anyone under the age of 18 unless we are teaching the whole family or one of the parents so we had to drop this investigator we had and just said well come to church until your older.... now our branch does not even have a youth program or young woman so inside we were kinda hoping she wouldn’t come cause she would feel out of place having no one her age.... she came and she loved it. She just chilled in the relief society cause we don’t have a youth class hahaha. They loved her also so it was a win win! We had a few people at sacrament yesterday which is always rewarding. I love missionary work, there is no happier work in the world! 

Meals?...for breakfast i usually have porridge and then for lunch i cook for my comp. I usually cook rice with meat and gravy or Alfredo (just made a super good recipe of that using mom’s Cesar salad dressing packet!) or spaghetti or pap. i can make a few things but I don’t really eat potatoes anymore cause they make me super tired! haha or its that i eat too much.

My favorite lesson to teach?.... i don’t know that’s a hard question maybe about the restoration because it’s such great news! It’s amazing to think that God has called a prophet in these last days, like Moses, to lead his children here on earth.

Love you

Elder Shaw

Monday, June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

Man it gets cold cause we are right next to the ocean. I would say like 10 degrees Celsius which you probably think is warm but man it’s cold sometimes!

Combined elder’s quorum is great cause there are no high priests in the masi branch but then we don’t go to fish hoek priesthood cause that’s when masi branch starts sooo i haven’t really seen any difference.

And no, we do not teach gospel principles cause the masi branch doesn’t have Sunday school yet haha. It’s only 2 hours and will be for a while i think cause we only have like 12 adults that come to church. It was fast and testimony meeting and everyone had to bear their testimony to past the whole hour hahah. It was kinda funny!

Yesterday was fast Sunday and usually we start our fast at lunch Saturday so we have energy through the rest of our day but i forgot to start and ate dinner on Saturday and then started my fast but my companion remembered to start after lunch on Saturday. Now fast forward to Sunday lunch time and he broke his fast but now I’m still fasting. We are going through our day finding people to teach and we get into a house and as we do so they pull food off of the stove. They speak shona which is a language from Zimbabwe and i started speaking it a little to make them laugh cause it’s funny for a white guy to speak their language and its super rare. hahha Anyways they love me and tell us to sit down with them and eat before we share something. So he’s looking at me to see what I’m going to do. i kinda hesitate and look at the time to see if it’s mealish time and so i just go with it.... now I’m thinking how am i going to break my fast hahaha. were about to dig in when i ask if i can bless the food and they say of course! now in my prayer i start by blessing the food and then i start to break my fast and the investigators have no idea what I’m saying and why it is taking so long because they don’t understand English very well. My comp is dying laughing in the prayer. It was super smooth. i say amen and everyone just digs.

As far as this week, we dropped a bunch of our investigators and just have been finding new ones. But we’re doing it a little differently now. When we find someone to teach, instead of starting with the restoration, which half of the time they don’t understand, we just get to know them really well and usually they bring up a problem or a question they have which we will then answer or help them by using the Book of Mormon. We then give them the Book of Mormon and tell them to read the intro and if they do then we will continue to teach them and if not then we will drop them. So hopefully this way we will find the elect who will read and gain a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and restoration. They have a hard time grasping that concept.

I’m currently reading The Miracle of Forgiveness.... if you think your righteous, just read that book and it makes you feel like you’re an awful person and are never going to get into heaven hahaha but i love it. Especially the chapter, As a Man Thinketh. It’s so powerful and it motivates you to be the master of your own self! it kinda goes along with what I’m reading in the Book of Mormon right now where Moroni is chewing out Pahoran for not supporting the armies of Heleman and tells them that they need to first cleanse the inner vessel before the outer vessel. Similar concept.  Amen. Hallelujah. 

Love Yall

Elder Shaw

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 21, 2018

It was great to skyp with you.

Ya, we put people on baptismal dates but really you can put anyone on date. hahaha They don’t really understand what it really means so i usually don’t like to put people on a date until they have been to church.

Soccer is bigger than rugby in South Africa.

Yes, i keep a journal, and I’m actually really really good about writing too. The first year of my mission was rough but now i write in it every day and have been for about 9 months now!

This week was good, I’m not sick anymore and we found 10 new investigators but sadly no one came to church. By the way, I’m killing it at being the branch pianist!  You would be so proud of me!

haha love you,

Elder Shaw