Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19, 2018

Yo Fish Hoek is awesome! Turns out we are whitewashing it cause elder latu had to go home for surgery but hopefully he will be back in a transfer or so. Fish Hoek is very beautiful and pretty touristy is seems like. People love to surf and skateboard here ;) I’m way excited, we might have to go to the skate park to find some people to teach haha! My companions name is elder Bockarie from Sierra Lione. He Is very quiet and taking some time to adjust to cape town but he is getting there...kinda funny cause man west African people’s English is a lot different to southern Africa so there have been time here where i have to interpret his English for people! hahahha. We met the ward yesterday and they were all very nice and very welcoming. They even help bring investigators to church! So I’m really excited that some of the ward is on board with missionary work. There was a person here from the stake high counsel and he gave a killer talk on missionary work and it was just perfect for the situation! I think the Africa Southeast area presidency is really pushing missionary work here in cape town so they can build a temple in the near future which will be exciting. The thing is the people here are way wicked. I believe that is why there is a major drought (what i have come to the conclusion to). I’m very excited for these next few transfers to see what will happen.

There is a drought everywhere from PE to Cape Town and it’s bad. Funny thought, in my last area i was there for about 180 days (6 months) and out of the 180 days i had hot water maybe 20 of them so i took cold showers for a long time. Then i come to Cape Town and we can’t even shower for longer than 2 min! Kill me now! hahaha i can’t wait to get home and jump into a hot tub! I’m tired of this drought thing!

Were the only missionaries in this town. it is pretty small and we can’t even proselyte in some area cause they are too far away to the chapel for some people. But we can proselyte everywhere even though man, there are some sketchy colored areas!

Honestly about your last question I’m soooooo glad I’m not a zone leader anymore! I was one for so long and wanted a change. The change i wanted was to be a trainer so when i heard i was training i was super excited and then they said i was whitewashing and then it got really hard! Turns out my greenie served in Ghana before he came so he knows a little but man he’s having a hard time adjusting. I just love him.

Love you

Elder Shaw
Pictures: Saying Goodbye

Friday, March 16, 2018

March 5, 2018

Today is the start of week 6 so we will get our transfer news Saturday night! I would be really surprised if i stayed. If I don’t leave, they are going to give me a calling soon. haha

Right now, I’m reading church history in the fullness of times. I’m pretty sure it’s Religion 434 or something like that. It’s really interesting, and i really like It. Also, i read like crazy. I use to work out almost every night but now my time is taken up by reading the Book of Mormon and that text book. Next I’m going to read Jesus the Christ again.  I’m excited

Oh my goodness i didn’t even mention last week what happened at the baptism. i can’t believe i forgot! So we are going to the baptismal font for the baptism (coming from the relief society room) anyways my companion and Cwenga walk around to enter the other way and i stand as witness. Well they get in the water and about to start the ordinance prayer, when out of the blue i see like this piece of yarn, (well that’s what i think it is) Ya, nope its starts to move. THERES A SNAKE IN THE FONT. hahahah Yo if i was in there i would have gotten out so fast haha but luckily, they stayed calm and the snake swam across them to the other side where someone grabbed it out of the water! I don’t think the members noticed it but oh man how funny is that!  I would have died if i was in the water! 

But anyways this week was kinda slow. my companion was sick and kinda still is. We stayed in a day and i read sooo much.  After the baptism of Cwenga, there is really no one ready for baptism for a while so we will be doing a lot of finding coming up. It’s always fun to have a new teaching pool.

Elder Shaw
1. Love the district
2. Playing soccer with the youth, mostly non members

March 12, 2018

Elder Shaw is going to Fish Hoek to train! my reaction.... hyped! I’ll either be whitewashing or in a tricompanioship but either way I’m way excited for it!!!!!!!!!

This week was super slow it just seems nobody wanted to hear us. We went like 3 days and only taught 3 lessons, it was rough! But that’s ok we did our best to find new investigators for the next transfer cause it’s no fun to come to a dead area.

Another new favorite scripture. Mosiah 2;41 man read it. I wrote next to it... AMEN! It’s so true have you ever seen anyone who keeps the commandments and are sad? I attached a picture of one of my favorite families. They have like nothing but they are so happy all the time. They truly have an eternal perspective and keep the commandments. It’s going to be sad to leave the Ndzungu family.

OH man you have to teach so many more times than the 6 lessons! Usually you have to repeat lesson one like 3 times before they understand that there can only be only ONE TRUE CHURCH hahaha it takes many visits before the person gets baptized. I freak out when i hear Jake puts someone on for baptism like 2 weeks in advance. We have to push way far in the future.

Right now my son (elder Sibiya) is assistant to the president and he called me for transfer news and just was laughing the whole time!!! cause i was training again. Now i get to go to cape town and my district leader is elder Lane!!! I’m so excited


Elder Shaw

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February 26, 2018

First Cwenga Lumbe got baptized and oh man if you could have just seen the change in him over the course of 3 months. it was absolutely amazing! Yo this guy was a mess but he turned his life around and loves the Book of Mormon. It just strengthens my testimony of the atonement. I’m just amazed every time at how the atonement can change people’s lives. i don’t know why. I guess sometimes i don’t have faith.

I love reading the Book of Mormon. Ever since we got the challenge in out stake PMG class to reading the Book of Mormon every day i have not missed a day! I think it’s been like 2 years now. Since then i have finished the Book of Mormon, I think 5 times and I’ve started again. Recently I read the scripture in 2 Nephi 2;6-8. Man, every time i read that scripture I’m pretty sure i say AMEN and HALLELUJAH afterwards hahaha. " How great the importance to make these things know unto the inhabitants of the earth." (!!!) If you’re not doing missionary work you are breaking a commandment. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that by reading it, a man will get nearer to God than by any other book (ex. Cwenga)



Elder Shaw

p.s. I say amen hallelujah cause all the pastors here scream it at people right after they scream their sermon. It’s pretty funny so now i say it in lessons hahaha