Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

So something interesting about South Africa, people just light fields on fire so the green grass will grow next season. They end up burning like a whole mountain and the fire brigade here does nothing and they respond like an hour later. haha Its kinda funny.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every animal but an elephant now. i want to ride an elephant haha. My mission is huge geography wise so we have to fly everywhere sooo only 3 zones met president. He’s kinda on a tour.

I love driving here hahaha its like your always driving on an autobon or whatever its called but we have a driving speed limit at 100 ks but i think that’s like 70mph maybe 60.

I got my birthday package this week and it was amazing!!! i loved the ties and the candy. Thank tiffany as well! it was only like 100 rand which is around 7 dollars so not bad at all! i love packages, whenever you get bored you can always send e some! hahaha thank you sooo much!

I got to play with monkeys last week and i attached some pictures. Hopefully they work but oh man they’re super fun to play with! They were just climbing all over me and it stole my planner and started to eat it. haha They are really smart like really smart its weird!

The most spiritual experience this week was awesome. It’s one that i wont forget. So the other day we were driving and we drove past this house with a guy outside on crutches with one leg trying to rake his dirt. It was kinda funny seeing this guy hoping around trying to rake his dirt but at the same time i felt bad cause he was struggling. Anyways we turned around and helped him out and when we were done it seemed like his son came home (looked like he was 40s) anyways we talked to him cause the dad didn’t know English super well. We started talking and set up a time to come meet his family...turned out he wasn’t even related to that older man. Fast forward to when we go to meet the 40 year old. He gave us his address to meet him at his house but he didn’t have a phone. In South Africa the addresses are so messed up and they don’t even have street names. The signs are like buried on the ground cause people hit them with there cars, don’t ask hahaha. Anyways it took us a super long time to find his house and we almost gave up but we found it! Well we taught his whole family which consisted of his wife and 3 kids, the oldest being 14. They were having problems in their marriage and we just testified about families and taught about Lehi and his family and gave them a Book of Mormon to read as a family. During the lesson i remembered that at our stake conference, president hamilton said the gospel can fix any problem whether it be family, social, or government and it is totally true!!! It was a super spiritual lessons and i can’t wait to go back and teach them and see how their faith has grown reading the Book of Mormon!!

We met our new president this week and it was awesome!!! From the start everybody loves him! He is such a great guy. i love president lebethoa! He and his wife are from Johannesburg and they have 4 kids that he brought along to cape town. He is a young dad, he just has so much energy and always happy.  He’s the best. i cant wait to work with him and get to know him more.

love you all elder shaw

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

So this week we had a special stake conference for splitting the stake! We got to drive down to east London for the conference. Yo it was a lot of driving... like 6 there and back just to see be at the conference and they didn’t even have any talks prepared, just testimonies the whole time. President Hamilton was there which was cool, he reminds me of elder Bednar.

Our ward is pretty nice. They have got something going hahah it just takes forever to get things done cause or bishop oh man hahah love that guy (bishop jabanga) but he just carries things way to long than they need to be! Like getting someone confirmed, he just forgets and we have to wait another week but at least it gets done! We have lots of youth!!! I think bishop said we have like 40 potential missionaries but only like 3 are preparing to go and a lot of young woman. Youth are kinda the target or young families cause older people are just lazy. The youth program is pretty good. i don’t think they have mutual cause it to far for them to travel for an activity but they all like each other and it seems like there is no drama in the ward.

I was pretty homesick this week haha thinking about fourth of July and all the fun we had in college, but its not really a hinder.

I have a thought for you guys, maybe you can look it up hahha....sooo if you have moldy bread and you put it in the toaster all the mold gets burnt off right? I'm going to try it. hahaha

Yesterday when we drove down to east London it was the coolest thing ever. Usually you see a herd of kudu and impala but oh man we say sooo much more. We got to see monkeys playing on the side of the road and 3 zebras and a ton of kudu and some springboks and ostriches. Yo it was super cool!!!! I still have yet to seen a lion, elephant, or rhino but i think we will see them tomorrow when we drive again to east London to meet the mission president and his family.

We taught a lot of investigators this week and even had over 30 lessons in all but we had to push back some baptisms for the special conference this past week. We are preparing like 9 investigators for the 23 of July and 30 which I’m really excited about! We had another miracle this week. Another person named ayanda, after he offered a pray he was super excited and said "I JUST FEEL SUPER GOOD AND I AM DEFINITELY COMING TO YOUR CHURCH THIS WEEK, I PROMISE!"  Sadly we told him church was in east london and he couldn’t come but we are hoping he is still excited for this next week! Miracles are everywhere when you sacrifice and are obedient!

love you, hopefully my card will come soon!!!!

elder shaw
PS. The Sanele family

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017

We got our new mission president on Saturday. No one really knows what to expect but he slept a ton these last few days cause of the time difference from salt lake.  I sent him and sms to ask permission for one of our districts to change their pday to another day and he called me back and when i saw his name on my phone i freaked out and was nervous hahaha but i knew it was for permission just didn’t know what to expect when i answered it but he seems really nice and smart. He came into the mission with 4 kids all under the age of 14 which is crazy sooo prayers for that family. His name is president Lebethoa and he’s from the biggest township in south africa called sweto. I think that’s how you spell it, not sure.

It get super cold here dad, luckily I’m now in a car. When we would walk it was sooo cold and people say it gets worse in August so not excited. The houses here don’t have like heaters they just boiler water on a burner to heat things up and that what we do as well haha its real cold at night.

I’m not in a new area really, i just moved flats like 2 min away. I’m in the same town just different township surrounding the town. I just joined area but we mostly play Yo that sport is sooo much fun! I can’t wait to introduce it to you guys when i come back. I really enjoy watching it the little time we have when we walk past a bar or something hahaha its really fun!!!!

My comp is 3 months older than I am on a mission and he hits a year like next week and i hit 9 months this week so we are close together.

Being zone leaders together is the best because i love him so much but he kinda babies me and does everything, which i don’t like. But it’s getting better. Going on exchanges is always fun. I got to go on one with a greeny of about 3 weeks old and it was really funny to see what he was like. Weird to think i was like that, but hey we all go through that stage.

This week we saw some miracles not just at home! We are sacrificing a lot and trying to be exact in obedient and fasting and things like that so we can hit our baptismal goal. The pday that we start we had a lesson with a former investigator i dropped about a month ago and I told him straight up he needs to get baptized or we not coming back but in a missionary kinda manner. Just try to imagine how i would say that hahaha and we came back 2 days latter and they said, we feel that we need to be baptized, which is awesome!! They always come to church they just don’t read and don’t think they need to be baptized again but it was really nice to see that sacrifices work! That test strengthened my testimony. I think we are going to hit our goal with 11 baptisms this transfer but not sure how our whole zone is buying into the sacrifice challenge because we gave a zone training about it to them (nice way of rebuking them and telling them they need to be obedient). haha. I would say out of the 12 elders 8 of them are working at it. I did reports with the elders that weren’t making an effort last night and i asked them how it was going with the sacrifices and we will see how it goes for them. 

Love you

Elder Shaw
By the way this ostrich that you see bit me right after that picture was taken and it hurt! 
My new companion is the one where we are all sitting down with kids after playing rugby, hes the tongan right next to me.

Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2016

This week’s letter is going to be short cause of time.

I had to drive to east London to pick up some cars for our zone. The trip consisted of my comp and i and then a senior couple, the Bells and oh man it was sooo funny. They talked the whole time in the car!!!! Oh my goodness, they’re kinda old and super funny. I really enjoyed the ride cause it reminded me of car rides to Utah with you guys! hahaha. Anyways we got the cars and were driving back and we lost Elder Bell and he didn’t have a phone and east London is pretty big.  Sooo we try to look for him and we find him after a little  so we drive up to the car as he is driving away and then just drives off, he didn’t see us!!! So we just head back to Queenstown with sister bell following us, hoping the elder bell will somehow make it back. Luckily he found his way back and its like a 3 hour trip hahaha super funny but I’m way worried for those two. My comp and I were laughing so hard!

elder shaw

love you and will definitely keep Baylor in my prayers.

love you

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  So the flat that i live in is pretty scary. hehe The kitchen is rough and old and i don’t think the pan will fit in our little oven. I lost/ got my home card (debit card) stolen. i don’t loose things sooo i think someone stole my white hand book which had money and my home card in it. So i cant buy anything for my birthday with the money you sent. Sad day because i was going to take my comp out to dinner. Well it’s the only thing you can do on a misison hahaha especially here.

I finish Jesus the Christ this week and that is an accomplishment. That was the longest book i have ever read!  But it was way good!

The couples here are never married and the boyfriend and girlfriend don’t really get along so we either teach one or the other but try to get both!

Yo this week was crazy just because we had transfers and then combining the areas is going to be hard because we are already scheduled out for this week and we can’t see the people we want as often as we want to! We had to drive down to east London for transfers and stayed for 2 nights cause the flight came in late and we didn’t feel good about driving home that night so we had to stay another.  It is not fun to drive when you’re sick. I was throwing up all night and had to stop a few times while driving hahaha but all is well now. We got back and stayed home for a day till i got better then on Saturday it was a crazy day!!!! We taught 9 lessons and all super good. Since we are combining areas we have a lot of work to do and so many lessons. We try to get to our area at 10 and work through till 9 and we are constantly teaching! Yo it’s the best but i was super tired after the first day. Our investigator Sanele who has the old german husband is super sweet and sensitive to the spirit. We were teaching her about baptism and invited her to be baptized and she just expressed to us how she wanted to change and be better and i was like wow, your already an angel. She must have had a rough background but she super cool and here little daughter is the cutest thing ever!

I’m sure this week is going to be super crazy as well but we have MLC on Tuesday which would be my birthday and we have it at our senior couples flat cause we have to skype in and they said she would make beef stew so I’m super stoked to have a home cooked meal on my  birthday!!! hahaha The Bells are the best! Senior couples influence missionaries so much and help out. Oh how much i love them!!!!

Love you all have a good week,

elder shaw

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 11, 2017

Mom, i seriously don’t know what happened this week. It’s hard for me to remember! i need to start bringing my journal so i can remember everything. I’ll try my best... here we go

So let me tell you guys about a new investigator of last week. I’m not sure i told you about her in my last email.. soooo Sinale is such a cool person!!! She’s probably 28 with a cute little girl named Adele but while we were in a lesson i realized that Adele had strait brown hair and she was lighter than her mom and I was like wait a minute... found out she’s married to a 40 year old German, like what the heck!!! The best part is she jokes about it too. i don’t know how that marriage lasts, but hey, love wins. She is really progressing and i can’t wait to extend a baptismal date next time we see her!  This week was good. Elder Behunin said goodbye to a lot of people so we were all over the place and didn’t really teach too much. The disappointing thing is we were planning on 5 baptisms this week but then it went down to 3 and turned out that we had none. It was a shame. One of them went to the village and couldn’t make it back in time, then our other one moved to another area and was baptized there, and then the other one didn’t pass his interview. We were really bummed but all is well. I’m sure they will eventually get baptized. I’m pretty sure we are planning on hopefully double digits for july 9th. That is our next baptismal date cause our areas are combining, hope and pray!!! I love the people in Queenstown they are sooo nice.

love you,

elder shaw

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

Well shout out to my mom for telling me that my letters are awful so i will try to make a little more interesting lol. Let me tell ya this week was AMAZING! I didn’t really spend a lot of time in our area cause we had interviews on Wednesday and zone conference on Thursday which was all awesome!! In the interview, President Merrill, (I don’t know why but he always tells me my transfer news early hahaha so far i have always known my comp and my area before the news comes out cause he tells me what’s gonna happen) told me that my area and the zone leaders area are combining and i will be a zone leader, which means I HAVE A CAR!!!! But it also means i will be here for 6 months, which is great with me. So far 2 areas will make up a year of my mission! I’m so glad i dont have to walk anymore. My knee has been acting up again (old basketball injury). Then at the end of the interview he gave me a blessing. It was super spiritual and just what I needed. I loved it. Then at zone conference we talked about the joy and misery cycles. I was great also. It all comes down to our attitude, the consequences will follow whether it be good or bad. Wow dad is so smart! You learn by counsel or consequences!\

Apparently I’ve gotta to tell a little about my area as well. It’s hard to explain but its huge, we walk so much!! i work in a township but its pretty spread apart not close together. It looks like Peytons pic lol. (I can’t take pictures for safety.) but it also means that people just burn their trash.  They just throw it into this empty field and then they light the field ablaze haha it smells awful cause you got like dirty diapers and burning plastic. i think that’s what im going to do when i get home, so much more useful.

We have a district in our zone that lives like 3 hours away so they come donw for zone conference and stay 2 nights so we had a chance to play basketball. Yo i miss good basketball although there was this one elder, elder ivans who is super good... obviously not as good as me hahaha but he really is good and so it was fun defending someone good. We invited president to come play with us in the morning cause he’s a really athletic old man. I’m impressed but sadly every time he says no.

Super crazy about the Dunns. Tell them congratulations and I would love to see pictures of their fiancées.

Shout out to my momma again hopefully you like my letter this time!

Love you all,  elder shaw