Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

I’m seriously trying to remember what happen this week cause it was such a blur. Ummmmm, so our really good investigator who’s name is Samkelu is doing great! We met him 3 weeks ago and we have already taught him everything and he sometimes comes fellowshipping with us! hahaha Investigator fellowshipper! But something sad happened. He has been really low on money because he is selling these loadshedding bulbs here and not doing very well and his boss is putting a lot of pressure on him so someone offered him to sell drugs and make about 300 rand a day. He texted us and said he’s really tempted to take the deal and then we couldn’t get a hold of him for like 5 days. Apparently his phone was stolen but luckily he came to church. We were super happy and relieved but at the end of church he gave us this note that was super nice thanking us for everything we have done with him. In the end he needed 300 rands sooo not sure what we are going to do but i hope he puts his trust in God and I’m sure everything will work out fine with him!

I really miss the temple. I wish I could go. I love that place.

This week was great! We were able to confirm another one of our investigators to baptism which is such a blessing.

Elder Shaw

Friday, May 26, 2017

May 22, 2017

This week was a bunch of ups and downs. On Wednesday we had an awesome day! We hit every single one of our goals and had quite a few lessons and they all went great but the next day was probably the worst I have had on mission. We walked for probably 4 out of the 6 hours we were in our area and only one appointment held. So we were constantly walking, got home and just crashed. I was like depressed, it was the worst. The good thing was we had a baptism this week and it was really sweet. His dad is a member. He was baptized about a year ago. We have been teaching his children who are all under the age of like 18ish. Anyways they live hecka far away in the village so walking there takes over an hour so we sacrificed so much for him to make the date of the 21st but it was all worth it! Seeing his dad baptize him and then having him coming up afterwards to tell us thank you for sacrificing and getting him ready for the baptism. The baptism was really sweet. His dad can’t really speak English so Bulelani (his son) pretty much said the baptismal prayer while his dad repeated him and then after the dad pretty much grabbed his neck and dropped the kid in the water! hahaha it was so funny! The first time he didn't go all the way down so we had to do it again but it was a really great experience. Now we are getting ready for the 2 other siblings to be baptized on the 11 of June so the whole family can be baptized! They are such a sweet family and the mom isn't in the picture. I’m not sure what happened to her. Also this week, lets see, Sem stayed instead of going to cape town!!! so we are preparing him for baptism on the 11 as well. We hopefully will have 6 baptisms on the 11th. We aren’t teaching a lot of people, we only had 10 investigator lessons this week but all of our investigators are really progressing so its all great. We have received a ton of referrals. We’re are trying to ask everyone and its working! I think we received 20 referrals and contacted most of them!!!! Its awesome. pmg says if you ask “who do you know?” you wont need to worry about investigators. Oh another funny story. my comp and I are walking down the street in the township and we both stop and listen and motab is playing hahaha so we try to find the house that is blaring it (people love gospel music here). Anyways we find the house and ask him where he got the cd. It turned out that it was pirated and they bought it on the side of the road hahaha super funny!  We scheduled a time to meet the family! hahaha What a coincidence! Love you,

Elder Shaw

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

Mlungisi is awesome. i can’t complain at all. We are finding new investigators, we have progressing investigators, and missionary work is the best. This week with 4 of our investigators we had to sit down with them and be really bold and blunt to them because we have taught them pretty much every required lesson. We just had to say our church is the only true church. I guess sometimes that is called for. So when we go back and visit them this next time it will probably be a do or die situation. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of investigators cause you build such a good relationship with them. You know they can change, they just choose not to. I hope these 4 investigators will make a good decision this week. We are teaching this one lady from New Rest and she is the one who is going through a really rough time and every time we teach her, her kids are jumping around making so much noise. This time she was fed up with it as well so she told them to leave the house and then she locked the door. hahaha Probably not the right thing but ah we had such a good lesson about the plan of salvation and the question why are we here and what’s our purpose hit home with her. The spirit was definitely present in that lesson and she invited her friend from work and he was really interested.  At the end he said, "wow i really need to change my life" haha i kinda giggled inside when he said that! But hopefully he will come along as well.

My companion is doing pretty good. He had the chance to talk with sister french and after that he was super motivated and happy. She must do her job very very good! it was really nice that day but things are going great. i don’t feel that he has made any progress this week but i might push him a little harder this week and see how he responds. I’m not going to lie, i have been kinda easy on him but if i get another transfer with him i really hope to set good goals and make him stick to those goals, so we can both improve and learn from each other and that he will get out of this little hole that he is in.
Our ward is all black. The only white people are the missionaries ahahaha We live in a village and yes they do have youth but i don’t think mutual is at the church since its quite a ways away. In sacrament meeting they speak half english half xosha so i get like half of sacrament meeting hahaha. The church in Africa is strictly English. We can’t teach in any other language or have church in any other language. The people here don’t really like that because it’s tradition to speak xosha so it’s kinda half and half. I’m learning the language little by little and can say a few simple sentences.

I’m so excited for this Sunday. It will be a blast to talk to everyone and ill get to express myself better cause i hate typing!   
love you      
elder shaw

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

(I told him we went to Idaho Pizza Co)
Yo i miss Idaho Pizza Co so much! I have had pizza here and its not the same but still pretty good! I’m pretty much good at cooking as well. I made my own tortillas and they were super good! Thanks for the spices you sent. I’m not sure what they were called but I loved them! This week was great! Zizo got baptized! Now that i think of it, I’m going to name my kids weird African names cause i think i like them more hahah, sorry wife. The baptism was awesome and she couldn’t even describe what she was feeling! It was super cool. The funny part was she didn’t know how to come out of the water. (Muddy water) She was good at bending her knees but then she sprawled like a frog and flailed coming out, sounded like a wave crashing, hahaha it was pretty funny but it was a really cool experience. We have lot of progressing investigators, which is always nice! I’m sorry that I don’t have lot of time. I’m actually over time now but missionary life is awesome! I don’t think i have ever been this happy in my life. I just started the Doctrine and Covenants and its awesome! D&C 6 is awesome! One of my favorite sections, i think its section 6. haha It truly shows its one of my favorite. My companion is turning out to be an awesome obedient guy. I’m sorry there aren’t any pics cause i forgot my camera. I’ll remember next week.

love you 

Elder Shaw