Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

I’m seriously trying to remember what happen this week cause it was such a blur. Ummmmm, so our really good investigator who’s name is Samkelu is doing great! We met him 3 weeks ago and we have already taught him everything and he sometimes comes fellowshipping with us! hahaha Investigator fellowshipper! But something sad happened. He has been really low on money because he is selling these loadshedding bulbs here and not doing very well and his boss is putting a lot of pressure on him so someone offered him to sell drugs and make about 300 rand a day. He texted us and said he’s really tempted to take the deal and then we couldn’t get a hold of him for like 5 days. Apparently his phone was stolen but luckily he came to church. We were super happy and relieved but at the end of church he gave us this note that was super nice thanking us for everything we have done with him. In the end he needed 300 rands sooo not sure what we are going to do but i hope he puts his trust in God and I’m sure everything will work out fine with him!

I really miss the temple. I wish I could go. I love that place.

This week was great! We were able to confirm another one of our investigators to baptism which is such a blessing.

Elder Shaw

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