Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

Well shout out to my mom for telling me that my letters are awful so i will try to make a little more interesting lol. Let me tell ya this week was AMAZING! I didn’t really spend a lot of time in our area cause we had interviews on Wednesday and zone conference on Thursday which was all awesome!! In the interview, President Merrill, (I don’t know why but he always tells me my transfer news early hahaha so far i have always known my comp and my area before the news comes out cause he tells me what’s gonna happen) told me that my area and the zone leaders area are combining and i will be a zone leader, which means I HAVE A CAR!!!! But it also means i will be here for 6 months, which is great with me. So far 2 areas will make up a year of my mission! I’m so glad i dont have to walk anymore. My knee has been acting up again (old basketball injury). Then at the end of the interview he gave me a blessing. It was super spiritual and just what I needed. I loved it. Then at zone conference we talked about the joy and misery cycles. I was great also. It all comes down to our attitude, the consequences will follow whether it be good or bad. Wow dad is so smart! You learn by counsel or consequences!\

Apparently I’ve gotta to tell a little about my area as well. It’s hard to explain but its huge, we walk so much!! i work in a township but its pretty spread apart not close together. It looks like Peytons pic lol. (I can’t take pictures for safety.) but it also means that people just burn their trash.  They just throw it into this empty field and then they light the field ablaze haha it smells awful cause you got like dirty diapers and burning plastic. i think that’s what im going to do when i get home, so much more useful.

We have a district in our zone that lives like 3 hours away so they come donw for zone conference and stay 2 nights so we had a chance to play basketball. Yo i miss good basketball although there was this one elder, elder ivans who is super good... obviously not as good as me hahaha but he really is good and so it was fun defending someone good. We invited president to come play with us in the morning cause he’s a really athletic old man. I’m impressed but sadly every time he says no.

Super crazy about the Dunns. Tell them congratulations and I would love to see pictures of their fiancées.

Shout out to my momma again hopefully you like my letter this time!

Love you all,  elder shaw

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