Monday, June 12, 2017

June 11, 2017

Mom, i seriously don’t know what happened this week. It’s hard for me to remember! i need to start bringing my journal so i can remember everything. I’ll try my best... here we go

So let me tell you guys about a new investigator of last week. I’m not sure i told you about her in my last email.. soooo Sinale is such a cool person!!! She’s probably 28 with a cute little girl named Adele but while we were in a lesson i realized that Adele had strait brown hair and she was lighter than her mom and I was like wait a minute... found out she’s married to a 40 year old German, like what the heck!!! The best part is she jokes about it too. i don’t know how that marriage lasts, but hey, love wins. She is really progressing and i can’t wait to extend a baptismal date next time we see her!  This week was good. Elder Behunin said goodbye to a lot of people so we were all over the place and didn’t really teach too much. The disappointing thing is we were planning on 5 baptisms this week but then it went down to 3 and turned out that we had none. It was a shame. One of them went to the village and couldn’t make it back in time, then our other one moved to another area and was baptized there, and then the other one didn’t pass his interview. We were really bummed but all is well. I’m sure they will eventually get baptized. I’m pretty sure we are planning on hopefully double digits for july 9th. That is our next baptismal date cause our areas are combining, hope and pray!!! I love the people in Queenstown they are sooo nice.

love you,

elder shaw

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