Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2016

This week’s letter is going to be short cause of time.

I had to drive to east London to pick up some cars for our zone. The trip consisted of my comp and i and then a senior couple, the Bells and oh man it was sooo funny. They talked the whole time in the car!!!! Oh my goodness, they’re kinda old and super funny. I really enjoyed the ride cause it reminded me of car rides to Utah with you guys! hahaha. Anyways we got the cars and were driving back and we lost Elder Bell and he didn’t have a phone and east London is pretty big.  Sooo we try to look for him and we find him after a little  so we drive up to the car as he is driving away and then just drives off, he didn’t see us!!! So we just head back to Queenstown with sister bell following us, hoping the elder bell will somehow make it back. Luckily he found his way back and its like a 3 hour trip hahaha super funny but I’m way worried for those two. My comp and I were laughing so hard!

elder shaw

love you and will definitely keep Baylor in my prayers.

love you

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