Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  So the flat that i live in is pretty scary. hehe The kitchen is rough and old and i don’t think the pan will fit in our little oven. I lost/ got my home card (debit card) stolen. i don’t loose things sooo i think someone stole my white hand book which had money and my home card in it. So i cant buy anything for my birthday with the money you sent. Sad day because i was going to take my comp out to dinner. Well it’s the only thing you can do on a misison hahaha especially here.

I finish Jesus the Christ this week and that is an accomplishment. That was the longest book i have ever read!  But it was way good!

The couples here are never married and the boyfriend and girlfriend don’t really get along so we either teach one or the other but try to get both!

Yo this week was crazy just because we had transfers and then combining the areas is going to be hard because we are already scheduled out for this week and we can’t see the people we want as often as we want to! We had to drive down to east London for transfers and stayed for 2 nights cause the flight came in late and we didn’t feel good about driving home that night so we had to stay another.  It is not fun to drive when you’re sick. I was throwing up all night and had to stop a few times while driving hahaha but all is well now. We got back and stayed home for a day till i got better then on Saturday it was a crazy day!!!! We taught 9 lessons and all super good. Since we are combining areas we have a lot of work to do and so many lessons. We try to get to our area at 10 and work through till 9 and we are constantly teaching! Yo it’s the best but i was super tired after the first day. Our investigator Sanele who has the old german husband is super sweet and sensitive to the spirit. We were teaching her about baptism and invited her to be baptized and she just expressed to us how she wanted to change and be better and i was like wow, your already an angel. She must have had a rough background but she super cool and here little daughter is the cutest thing ever!

I’m sure this week is going to be super crazy as well but we have MLC on Tuesday which would be my birthday and we have it at our senior couples flat cause we have to skype in and they said she would make beef stew so I’m super stoked to have a home cooked meal on my  birthday!!! hahaha The Bells are the best! Senior couples influence missionaries so much and help out. Oh how much i love them!!!!

Love you all have a good week,

elder shaw

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