Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Wow i dont know really where to start i guess with John (the investigator who is difficult). Well he is such a happy guy.  He comes to church all the time but never reads the book of mormon, really frustrating. The worst part is he loves the book gospel principles and still doesnt read the book of mormon. I just wonder what is going through his head hahah love him though.

I had a very cool experience but first let me tell you, the gift of interpretation of tongues is real. Which leads to my next experience that is so cool. ok here we go, haha it was getting late and we just decided to go to a less active who is having a hard time right now and when we pulled up to their house i noticed a guy just standing there next to the road and he just really stuck out to me so i grabbed a pamphlet out of the boot and my comp was like what are you doing, just said gotta always be prepared. he didnt know i was meaning to give it to this guy but i told myself if the less active is not home then we are going straight to him and of course the less active guy wasnt home so i walked over to this other guy and started to teach him. he doesn’t know English well but knows xosha and zulu so my comp kinda interpreted .He was very accepting and wanting to learn more. We went back the next day and then the next so now we have taught him for 3 days in a row and on the third day he was talking to my comp about a thing that happened in his life that somehow i understood about how his girlfriend just got up and left with his son that same day we first taught  him and all this. After the lesson my comp turned to me and asked me if i had any idea what he was talking about and i told him the whole thing and he was so surprised!!! It was super cool and i have done it like 5 other times with my comp talking to the investigators in xosha and then they turn to me and laugh cause i dont know what they are saying then i tell them what they’re talking about and they freak out. Im really excited to see how this guy progresses, his name is leike (Lee-kee).

I’m learning so much about the plan of salvation. i love studying about it. In my patriartical blessing it says that i will understand it completely or something like that so ive been really studying about it. I learned that God was one of us at a point (and he probably served a mission haha,) I’m not sure if that is doctrinally correct but im pretty sure, its says in joseph F. smith prophet book that "As God once was, we are and as God is, we can become!” super cool, correct me if I’m wrong. There’s only so much you can learn with the amount of material you have. some questions you have cant be answered cause we only have the scriptures and some books.

Funny story of the week, soooo sometimes we get lazy and dont take out the trash and just put it on our balcony but we had inspections so we had to take it out and it wouldnt fit in our car and didnt want it to smell so we just put in on the boot (trunk). Elder Sibiya didnt think it was going to stay on so he sat back there with it and we are going through the garage and i barely tap the gas pedal and he goes tumbling right off then rolls. hahahaha i was laughing sooooooo hard. it was so funny!  he was mad at me for the rest of the day hahahah.

OH my goodness training has really tried my patience but you would be surprised at how patient i am haha,. Elder Sibiya and i got along great this week. he just doesn’t respect me now, he thinks since he older and more experience he can disrespect me. its really funny cause i dont care to much but other elders have noticed and said stuff hahaha but i still love him. in a weird way you love all your companions, somehow HA.

All is good. I miss home a lot and not eating too healthy because im to lazy to make food. dont ask tiffany about what i ate at mcdonalds

Love you

Elder Shaw

P.S. In the pictures, we are on top of table mountain and btw i have now come to the conclusion that i look good having a chubbier face. hahaha it suits me now and i like it. Oh and my comp is a personal trainer so now when i work out i have a personal trainer. oh my lanta! oh and we taught 10 lessons in 2 days Friday and Saturday which was soooo cool. We have never have done that before!

P.S.S.And yes mom i will of course be your valentines.... this year :)  hahaha

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