Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017

You think i hiked that mountain hahaha i just took a tram up and it was really expensive but i was not hiking that thing hahaha some elders did it though. They woke up super early and went and we met them up there. Its called table mountain by the way

This week was awesome but not awesome at the same time. Not awesome because i was sick for one of the days, I had a lazy morning and then went out in the evening but then it was awesome because we had great zone training with Elder Ellis and then Stake Conference with President Hamilton! They were both super powerful people and incredible talks! One thing i learned in leadership training from Elder Ellis was how to be a good leader through the parable of the shepherd and his fold. I also learned how to build on more faith. Kinda funny quote from him but its so true. To build your faith you have to do things that require you to exercise your faith. You can’t just wish for it and think it will happen. You have to continually be building your faith like a testimony.

My ward is awesome by the way. It’s a mix of black people, white people and colored people. There is definitely some racism in the ward.  Anyways we get on average about 85 people turnout every Sunday. The youth program is very small. i would say there are like 5 girls that are active and about 8 boys that are active. 2 priests come which is great because one of them just turned 16 (Bailey Sanders). By the way, the youth give 10 min talks, if you think a 5 min talk is hard haha. The adults give 15 minute talks.  The sacrament is very short, like maybe 7 minuets, oh and the singing is the BEST part hahaha. Some people can sing others, lets just say they have very very sweet voices. Then we have the black people who are the gospel singers. They just go for it, let me tell you hahha. All in alll it’s the best.  Surprisingly i can still site read all the parts in the hymn book which is good and I do have opportunities to play the piano in district meeting and a few others times.

Where are they going for Sonous tour? i really miss singing in a good choir like really really miss! I also received tiffany’s pictures, which was awesome!! Thank you! Love physical letters, hint hint...  

Elder Shaw

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