Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 27, 2017

Ah that is soooo cool that Braiden got to start! i really really wish i could watch him! Hopefully he plays when i get home haha. Sad about grandpa’s fall. He didn’t look too good in that picture. Was Mark there this week? Tell him i say hi!! I still can’t believe Jaden is going on a mission. Im sure she will do well. I’m really proud of her. Did you see Spencer D.? i  miss him and wish he would email me.

Sorry this letter might be short This week was tough hahaha definitely the hardest week of my mission so far! So many appointments fell through and  Ifelt like we were just running from one place to another not teaching anyone but we still got quite a few other lessons. We did a ton of service this week! Which is a good thing because after serving, one of our investigators came to church! FIRST TIME EVER!!  Her name is zukiswa (zu-kee-swa) thought you might need that haha but were teaching her and 2 of her sons that are 21 and 18. They are both progressing and coming along but the sons haven’t made it to church yet. we might have to continue doing service for her so she keeps coming haha We built her a little garden. Finally my working skills came in handy hahaha when i say we i mean I made her an amazing garden but forgot to take a picture of it. i will try next time we go over. the sons names are Avela and senabo. Our other really good investigators are Richard and Nelly. they were suppose to get baptized yesterday but there not married!! i really hope they get married because they have been together for 10 years and have kids so they’re not splitting up. They are so ready to enter the waters of baptism!! Pray for them! its really expensive her to get married so we will see what happens. Yesterday i had the chance to confirm a little girl whos father passed away in our ward. It was a super cool experience. Pray for that family too.(lawrence fam) They are going through a rough time. The father passed away a while ago. She is a single mom with 4 kids under the age of 13. Her car just got stolen and there is fighting in the home. i feel for them sooo much. I have been super blessed to have been born in such a great community and a awesome family! love you all

Elder Shaw

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