Monday, March 20, 2017

March 8, 2017

Well this week was rough!  We taught about 10 lessons the whole week and all our investigators that were suppose to come to church, didn’t.  We woke up early to drive around and wake them up, woke them and they said they will be there and not a single one showed. Then we had scheduled appointments with them after sacrament so we went to there houses and we could hear them but they wouldn’t open their doors Ahhh it was so frustrating so i don’t think they will make they’re baptismal dates anymore. We are always trying to find new investigators. Every tuesday, wednesday and saturday we tract from 10-12 cause the president want us in our area by 10. Then if we don’t have anything else to do in the mid day we usually contact some more. My comp and I get along fine. haha we have some pretty good laughs and then other times he freaks out at me if i leave a bowl in the sink or crumbs on the counter and he gets moody.   And I’m super good. i would say one of the best in the mission at being clean so that something he can work on haha. That all probably sounded negative but i really hope this week is a better week. i cant wait till transfers. We’re half way through and i really want a different area, i love the people here and don’t want to leave them but it is hard when all the surrounding areas around you are blooming and we are just stuck. We have interviews with president this week and im hoping he tells me where im going next transfer. One scripture i liked this week was in alma when moroni is talking to pahoran about fixing the problem in Zarahemla and he says that you have to clean the inner vessel before the outer is cleansed and its for realz!  Its starts with your thoughts and your intent and if that’s good, then you actions will show!

Thank you for all your prayers. South Africa is in a drought right now and there’s like less than 100 days until water runs out, kind of scary for them. The Lord could be humbling South Africa.

Love you all 

Elder Shaw

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