Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Its crazy to see how little kids grow so fast cause i dont even recognize them. Olivia looks super cute i wish i could hold her. People here dont celebrate thanksgiving so i had no idea it was here till someone told us yesterday. We have 3 Das (dinner appointments) this week and i couldnt be happier. man you look forward to those soooo much. Oh and i definitely dont have enough money to have one every meal HAHAHAA maybe one a day if im lucky but i dont really remember when the last time i had a vegetable. . I saw the picture of the cabinets and i thought it was tiffanys house it totally looks different but good.

This week went by so fast but im pretty sure i say that every week. we had a  ton of lessons but like always they dropped of they forgot of whatever the excuse was. One of my favorite excuses so far while tracking was, sorry i cant, my dogsisacting up. you look in and its dead asleep hahaha, there goes their salvation. I had a really funny story to tell but i seriously cant think of it anymore. I dont know why but i feel like it happens to every missionary but you just loose your memory haha like you dont remember anything from back home and everything is just a blur. Like i couldnt think of the artist of my favorite song to tell my companion. Its so frustrating.

One thing i learned this week was to trust in the Lord. I gave a few blessings this week and my companion always turns to me and tells me to teach a lesson that we didnt plan for and all i do is say a small prayer and i always come up with something it is sooo cool. You just have to trust in the Lord and He will direct thy path. its totally true but sometimes its hard to. cause your thinking about what your going to say or do but all i did was put all my faith in Him and it always turns out,

Ya my area i learned is the hardest in the mission. they have had 2 baptisms in a year but yes we do have progressing investigator but only 2.  they have potential so we will see. My area is pretty dangerous. All of SA is dangerous. the other elders we live next to got robbed twice last week and the other set got robbed once so they will probably get pulled out next transfer. Its kinda way scary but i dont really realize it. The whole are gets dunk at like 8 so we have to be in early and the place the other elders serve which is Mandaly they have to be out by 7 soooo everywhere is dangerous.

This whole week especially yesterday i have thought about how blessed i have been especially all the many things i took for granted back home. so definitely thinking of how blessed i have been

. The senior couple that’s in my area the Tatro's are amazing. i am calling you to repentance right now cause going on a mission is the best thing especially for senior couples. they have such an impart in the mission especially for the missionaries so you guys need to go on a mission haha well when you can. Ive loved getting to know the people in the ward because some of them really love the missionaries and its awesome because they kinda fee like my parents.

Elder Shaw

Here’s a picture of my comp which is the one taking the pic and some other elders in my Zone. The other picture is my whole Zone. my comp is bottom left and its weird to think but only my comp, the senior couple, and one other elder are from america in this pic. all the rest are from SA, Australia, New Zeland, South america and some other places. (80 countries are represented in his mission.)

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