Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 11-28-2016

Ahhhhhht the food looks soooooo good. im way jealous but my comp and i figured a way out to make stuffing and it tasted soo good haha.

Hope all is well.

It is soooo hot here!! i dont know how hot exactly but oh my lanta we were in a lesson the other day and it was in a tin shack so the heat was absolutely radiating. i look over to my companion and he is dripping sweat i kid you not. like every 5 seconds another drop falls and i just start laughing.

This week in district meeting we learned about how important goals are. When we write down our goals we are covenanting with God of what we want and how we are going to work our hardest to test the promises. Its way cool to see how everything works out in the end.

Ok ill will try to take pictures of the township but im scared to cause if people see me they might get suspicious but ill be sneaky. The ward here is not very helpful with referrals. its hard to get the ward involved. but we are revising the ward mission plan so hopefully it will kick start them to get going on missionary work. We find some people tracting  but usually we get referrals from the church. Yesterday we went tracting for 2 hours and didnt get a single lesson which was rough but we got dinner after so i was happy. transfers are next week so i am almost done with my first transfer!

If you look at how the Lord teaches its really cool cause he always reverts a question back to the person and they end up teaching themselves by answering there own question basically. This emphasizes the importance on asking inspired questions. Also when he heals someone he either says something along the lines of you are healed or your faith has made thee whole or something like that. i cant remember but thy faith has made thee whole if you look into it, in D and C 93 versus 33-34 it talks about how you receive complete joy and so having faith in Christ will lead to complete joy and there is a way cool chain that goes along with it.

Elder Shaw

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