Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 4, 2016

We teach on a good week like 20 lessons, on a rough week 10

Preparation day: we have gone to table mountain, waterfalls, or hikes, and in extreme cases we can go to game reserves to see cool animals but i haven’t done that yet. The last 2 weeks we just played sports though.

We have like 95 missionaries in our mission i think
We have to be out of the township/shanty town at like 7:30 and we”re usually home by like 8:30 cause people dont let you in after 8 or schedule times with you.
My town covers like all of boise valley so theres many towns, but mainly; summerset west, strand, gordons bay, and stellenbosch

Drew lane is in eastern cape which is like 4 hours away from me on a flight. .

Are you doing anything with the 25 days 25 ways? we visit member and emphasize a lot on that initiative! it’s a cool idea but its hard for missionaries to do since we”re limited. I can already tell Christmas is going to be different. ive learned to love serving other people. Every time we get a service opportunity its the best!!!!

I miss mcdonalds sooooo much. i wish we could eat out but we never have enough money. I don’t understand, because some elders get fed so much and we’re starving over here. Tell Elder Brown im sorry i didnt go on splits with them. now seeing how crucial it is to have people to fellowship. our ward here does do much with missionary work. we don’t get referrals from them and there’s so much missionary work to do here. We only go to ward council when we are invited so like once a month maybe im not sure. When you receive a referral study shows in the SACTM mission 50% of them get baptized so they are really useful! but sadly. hopefully the Christmas 25 days 25 ways thing will get some referrals and good investigators!

Man we visited a member family where the dad died because of cancer and the mom is left with 4 kids who are treturous. Like the oldest who is 15 just plays video games allllll day and does nothing. the next is 12 and is a piano genius like truman. the next is 7 and is a girl who hates being a mormon cause she can never hang with her friends on sunday and the youngest has ADHD an ADD and Dyslexia, i dont really know if he does but man i woudnt be suprized cause he is a challenge. Anyways it just made me realize how blessed i was to grow up in such a good home and environment, thank you soooo much. I can’t even fathom.

Tell dad to look up those pictures that we saw of devision between white and black homes and how they live so close but such a difference. if you look at that it is just like that here. Like tin shacks with kids toys and tires on the roof to hold it down so it doesnt blow away and then in the nice white areas you have in 2 Rivers area with REALLY nice houses. its crazy

Love you lots

Elder Shaw

Sorry i tried to load picture but it takes forever to load so ill try next week cause they didnt load in time.

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