Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

5 degrees?! Wow that is soooooo cold! Its soo hot here. i guess it’s my first time being hot on a Christmas. I don’t know if i like it yet. Our 2 investigators are awesome and we got another really good one this week who has really good potential.

Thats crazy to think how everyone of the year is coming home! Its so exciting to see how they look when they get home. Wow Shannon’s letter was amazing pretty sure i cried a little looking at the picture of you and her and the one of her at the temple she looks soooo happy and a "light to the world" makes me more motivated for missionary work so i can change like her. Tell her i say hi and that i love her and i wanna hear from her.

I haven’t received a package yet or have gotten a notice yet that im getting one. When did you send it? i hope no one stole it ha cause the postal service her in South Africa is awful

ok my suit doesn’t really fit me but dont worry about it cause i only wear it 3 hours a week and that is at church. i can live with that i hope.  i attached a pic of me and one is one with a senior couple named the Tatros. They are amazing! it makes me appreciate they’re service. i love senior couples sooo much! but in the pic i look super chubby and i swear im not that bad. the other picture is of when we had to drive an hour to the mission office to pick up a car cause the other broke so we had to squish so many people into one car and because im the skinniest of the district i sat in the worst spot. hahah but it was soooo funny!

This week there were so ups and down. On the good side, the days are going by so much faster and its awesome. We had an appointment yesterday to go see this family but they were outside having a braii with a lot of family soo it dropped so we decided to go down the street and knock on this one door and found this lady who is awesome. When she opened the door at first she was like ugh its the missionaries and so i was not excited to teach cause its not fun to teach someone that doesnt want to listen but as we taught you could tell her countenance changed and by the end she was crying. She went on to tell us that she was going through a rough time and that she felt prompted not to go to her church today and just take a nap. Apparently we woke her up and was kinda an answer to her prayers. she wants to learn more and agreed to be baptized. I have really good feeling about her and i hope she continues to let us come back. On the downside wow my comp has been a struggling. each week when he doesnt have to do something he just says "i dont know i have 4 weeks left" and its so annoying he doesnt do anything anymore and i have had to have a lot of patience with him. he still works hardish but when it come to other things its really annoying but whatever hes still such a good guy and i just hope he works hard so when he looks back he doesnt regret it.

One question that i have asked myself is why did i get sent to summerset west cause here in summerset, its like the pit of the SACTM mission, no Greenies get sent here. only dying missionaries get sent here and i am the first one in like 7 years i think. But an apostle said you get sent to an area for 3 reasons: your there to meet someone, your there to learn from your companion, or learn from the culture. I cant figure out which one it is or if its all 3 but it just make me curious on why i am the first greenie here in 7 years.

One realization i have had this week is when i bored back home and didnt know what to do, i would turn to my phone, social media, watch tv and the worldly things but here on a mission you turn to the gospel, your scriptures, and conference talks. Not we are bored, just in our free time. It made me realize how much time i have wasted in my life on stuff thats not going to benefit my life and because i turn to the gospel i learn something and it makes me so much happier. We were listening to a talk in the car by John Bytheway, about turning off the tv and doing something useful.  He tell of a personal experience on how when he was young he told himself that he would turn off the tv an hour earlier each night and wake up and hour earlier and read. because of this, he start to write and wrote  his own book and made money and actually learned something. 

Im super excited to skype with you guys i told dad about the details and everything, if anything changes i will try to let you know.

Love you 

Elder Shaw

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