Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

As far as ward council and our bishopric this is how it goes, "alright lets get this over with so we can get ice cream after", right then i knew it was going to be rough. we just redid the ward mission plan so hopefully that will get the ward excited about missionary work.

When it comes to Christmas need, I’ve gained 25ish lbs so i might need a new suit haha sorry but i guess i can just suffer through it. the pants are kinda OK but the jacket i can barely drive cause ive gained so much muscle in my shoulders like actually haha. But i wanna buy a new watch and maybe a new pair of pants but ill figure it out. Give the missionaries presents! if i were to receive a present from the member i would cry of happiness! Present that idea to the ward council of getting gifts for the missionaries and not just candy or food although that is good to but they always get fed so not to important to them. Like stuff they would actually use, just an idea. 

The Dunns are home? that is so weird to think about cause it has gone by so fast!! send them my condolences haha. the month of October we had 72 baptisms but this month we had like 32 i think. our mission goal each month is 50 which is around every companionship should get around one a month. Ya summerset ward has gotten 2 this year soo its really slow here but i think we are going to have 2 this transfer if not i know we will have one cause of a crazy story i will tell later. 

I wish i had more time to study the scriptures but im training and i always have to study for the investigator but i think when i am done training i can sit down and read the scriptures which im excited about. There is so much good in each chapter!

This week went by so fast! first transfer done and i am now not the youngest in the mission which is nice ha. We went to this stake Christmas party and we were able to meet other missionaries and the new ones as well and they look so stiff haha i hope i didn’t look like that but i probably did!. This Sunday we had this crazy experience. So this week we had this investigator show up at church the other day so we taught the gospel principles class and we decided to just teach the first lesson to him and when we were explaining the Joseph Smith part he just pulls out james 1;5 before we even talk about it and my comp and I look at each other and were like WOW hahaha. Anyways after the lesson he told us he was taught all the lessons but then moved so i think we might have a baptism sometime soon with him which will be great! Also another cool experience is we had this woman who has cancer and she was actually a referral from a less active couple. Anyways we taught her in the less actives home and you could feel the spirit so strong and she was so humble and willing to do anything we said cause she knew we were men from God. It was so cool and then the less active couple came to church on Sunday!  Im excited to see where it goes.

 It coming close to Christmas time and the Christmas initiative is awesome to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and i love the service cause all day your think of people to serve or go see. Kinda sad i couldn’t call home on day 2 haha but im really excited to see everyone at Christmas.

Last night coming back from the Christmas party the other elders car overheated and shut off so we pulled of to the side of the road in a very sketchy area like i was kinda scared, not really but i was haha. Anyways we called the car elder and told him, anyways he continued to tell us that the area we were in was super dangerous and people get robbed all the time on the side of the road.  So he told us to call the police to protect us so we pretty much had a police escort.

Elder Shaw

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