Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

Ahh this week has been crazy, it has either been a really good day full of appointments (and when i say full like 3) or absolutely nothing and we either tract or check up on people. I had my first hard day Saturday. i didnt feel good and i was super tired and almost fell asleep driving and every appointment fell through until the last one at 7 which was good. Thankfully we went to go see our last appointment and they weren’t there so we went to their neighbor and taught them. He was a less active. it went really well.

We got a new schedule this week, which is different from the past. From 6:30 till 10 we workout, personal study, plan, get ready, and breakfast. From 10am-7 or 8pm we are out of the flat proselyting and within that time you can do comp study, train, or language study. The president wants us to get out early but we can take breaks in the day to do that stuff and we dont plan at night anymore we plan in the morning which is nice.

So i had an interview with President and its near transfers and he asked me if there was anything that would be stopping me from a leadership position and i said no but right then KNEW he was going to call me as a trainer. Then he was like well your name has come up and YOU WILL BE TRAINING THIS NEXT TRANSFER. Training, like serious? I still don’t know what I’m doing here! hahaha It’s gonna be a mess but really fun. I’m really scared cause i just finished training. oh well i have really learned to trust in God’s will and just go with the flow. im really going to miss my companion but excited to have a greeny with me so i can see what i was like haha. Hes from Ireland but born is South Africa so im pretty curious what hes going to be like.

Our Sundays go thus: we go to church all 3 hours and we teach gospel doctrine then after we go to a member’s house for lunch. Usually have appointments after that and then hopefully another DA at 6. This Sunday we went to a members house and cooked dinner for them haha cause they are pretty poor, a single white mom with 4 kids. Her husband died of cancer a few years ago and she works full time with 4 kids no older than 13. The 13 year old thinks hes getting abused by his mom, went to a professional and found out it was him. Now he is deciding if he wants to leave home and live somewhere else. He’s an idiot, his mom loves him and gives all that she can he just cant see it and is the total opposite of humble. i kinda hope he chooses to move away so he will realize how much he has but it would be very sad. Sundays are a pretty relaxed day. Everything in pmg where it says  Sunday is the best time to teach cause families are together and stuff like that, its totally opposite here and so its hard to find things to do. i have learned this past week that even though president is from the military he is relatively relaxed. i was surprised cause i would think he would be very strict. Great man though. I love you.

Elder Shaw

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