Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

Wow thanks for the confidence in my driving. im sure i would have managed but definitely would have gotten into some ditches a few times due to drifting hahaha. It sounds like braiden is getting a lot more playing time. I was talking to the president about him and he said hes doing well but fighting hard for his position. who is he battling for his position?
I love receiving physical letters, hint hint.

First week of training was a learning experience hahaha i really hope i wasn’t that bad when i came in haha but Elder Sibiya is amazing. He is soo good at talking to people. He talks to everyone and anyone. He’s good at talking to people and building the relationship of trust and then i teach. We’ve got a really good combo going but my throat hurts cause i pretty much have to teach the whole lesson. He is only a year convert to the church so he doesn’t know a lot but hes learning a ton!! hes originally from south africa but moved to ireland when he was 8 and lived there since but a year ago he got a contract to play rugby at a semi professional team in england and that was where he was converted. hes the only member in his family but hes awesome. im learning a lot from him on humility and patience but all is well. We were about to drop this investigator named Avela because he wasnt progressing but Elder Sibiya came in and he just got to know him super well and now he is progressing again and we have really good hopes for him! keep him in your prayers!!! We want to get 2 baptisms this transfer and going to work very hard to get it. Oh and hes a very hard worker!! its great. and it pushes me even more. We have another mother whose name is Nelly another super sweet lady and we really have good hopes for her too! Imagine me, Elder Shaw answering all the deep doctrine questions investigators ask us. hahaha it amazes me how much i actually know! i have learned so much this past 3 months its incredible

He wants to go to a rugby practice and give some tips and we dont even know the people. i was like so you want to coach the coach on how to coach and he was like ya we will get so many investigators!! hahah i will tell you how it goes next week.

Had to say goodbye to my father wednesday and it was sad. i really enjoyed him and learned so much from him

Yes i will be in sommerset for 6 months which is weird to think about cause thats already a fourth of my missioin!!! wow it has gone by so fast.

Its going to be a fun, hard, learning 3 months

Elder Shaw

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