Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

I hope you get all my pics.
1)    theres a generation picture
2)    pictures of Fishhook
3)    me and my comp and
4)    Hough Bay or however its spelled. 

Spencer, oh man i miss him and would absolutely love to be his companion! it sounded like he did a great job. And nick going to Malan! So cool, is tanner moss there?

The first week of training i had some anxiety and i hated it. i just got overwhelmed but its a lot better now. The first few days were rough cause i had to do everything but im fine now! First week of training was awesome and he’s learned so much! The thing is, he’s not very teachable. He’s 24 and thinks he knows everything cause hes older than me but hahah he will learn by council or consequence (messing up in lessons) lol but hes awesome!  Oh man this week we worked really hard. We had 54 hours in our area and got a lot of new investigators. We have 3 really good bapt dates and i hope and pray for them, richard, nelly and avela! Avela is such a stud!! He’s 17 years old and he read the beginning to 2 nephi 14 in 2 days and then after, when we came to visit he told us about what he learned!! ah i love him so much and just want him to realize that he will be happy and blessed as he becomes baptized!! Pray for him! i dont think he has enough faith to come to church but we are working on that. Hopefully we can get him to come this week! I love teaching him and watching him grow.

Im reading in Mosiah right now and just finished when King Benjamin gave his address. He was such a bomb king! He considered himself lower then the people and worked just like everyone else. He is a good example of a leader that i hope i can be to my son. (comp)
Love you,

Elder Shaw

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