Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

South Africa is amazing! I miss playing with little kids cause the black babies here are sooooo cute!! here its like 90s i think.  i don’t really know but its so hot. we did a service project Saturday and i got soooo burnt holy cow it hurt to shower but hopefully i wont peel. I finally found a cord for my camera.  in the pictures, the Tongan g guy is my comp. i dont really remember which ones i attached hahaha but there are some pictures hopefully you like them.

This week is such a blur i honestly don’t even know what to say so it might be short. It started off with a lesson with a less active and we didnt have anything prepared. we just went in there to see how its going and get to know him but then my comp told me i had the lesson and i was like whaaaaat. ok so i just opened my scriptures randomly to 2 nephi 31 or something like that where its feasting on the word of Christ and gave a 5 min lesson on it and i have no idea where that came from but it was perfect cause he wasn’t reading his book of Mormon. it was so cool!! now my comp does that to me all the time. 
Pretty sure im a pro a teaching the first lesson now cause thats all we teach i have the pamphlet all memorized! we taught lesson 3 the other day and i came out laughing so hard cause it was sooooo bad hahaha my comp was laughing at me during the lesson cause he knew it was bad so i definitely have some work to do.

Funny story of the week and sorry if it doesn’t make sense in advance but ill try. sooo we left our phone in the other Elders flat and they already left and it was locked and we needed to get inside before we left. Where we live is a huge apartment complex. so anyways we see if any of they’re windows are unlocked and we find one but it only opens so my head barely fits through, like it hurt trying to get through with my head. but this was our only way in sooo i shimmy my way through the window till i get to my belt and im not getting through without taking it off. sooo while my companion is holding me sideways holding me up hes taking off my belt to get through the window and im dying laughing cause what if you walk up on someone holding another persons stuck in a window taking off there belt hahaha. he finally gets it off and i get through barely and we get our phone but oh my goodness i was crying laughing for like 30 min cause that how long it took hahhahahahaha it was soo funny. Hope all is well back home and you like the pictures.

Elder Shaw

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