Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

I’m not gonna lie, i had no idea when Easter was but I’m guessing this Friday and Sunday. I did some studying this morning to figure out where the Passover came from and apparently it was instituted to commemorate when the fog killed all the firstborns in Egypt and then they added a bunch of things to it but it's quite interesting.

This week was amazing! The whole week we had quite a few lessons but at the same time we had to go to cape town 4 times this week and we were wayyy over in our allotted ks, miles for the week, like more than double. My companion had visa issues then a doctors appointment and he had to get a SA ID but it was all worth it for Saturday and Sunday. Well to start, Saturday morning we got a few people from the ward together and some investigators to play some soccer and it was great. Only problem was i slid into my own teammate and have this huge turf burn all down my leg and it hurts soo bad! It was an accident! Hahaha but way funny. Then we visited all our progressing investigators and invited them to church for like the 20th time! And guess what they came! For the first time in 6 months i had an investigator come to church! It was so worth it. We have been working hard and it all came good in the end and it was my last Sunday here. Sooo avela and edward came to church and then nelly and her kids came late but we were running around trying to arrange rides and showed where they all live that we were late to church but that’s ok. At least they came! They had an awesome experience and nelly really really enjoyed church. I had to say goodbye to them last Sunday because I’m getting transferred to queenstown and my companion now is elder buhanin. He’s a guy from idaho falls hahaha. I’m super excited for this next part in my mission but really sad i will be leaving these people that i have really grown to love! Another funny story (if you don’t like killing animals don’t read) hahaha but we were in this township visiting a less active family and before we went in, we saw that their neighbor had a pig tied up and let me tell you i have never seen i pig this size, it was huge!!!!! But anyways halfway through the lesson we hear this squealing super loud because they were killing the poor pig for a braii. We were watching a temple video about what temples are like and my companion just about passed out because of it all. I was laughing really hard because i don’t think he could kill a fly. Haha but what a spiritual lesson, let me tell you. I thought we were going to have to teach the plan of salvation after that. hahaha love you all.

Your prayers definitely have helped this week

Elder Shaw

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