Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

OK, conference was so great! My favorite talk was from the priesthood session when President Eyring was talking about walking with Christ and as we do we will see people as who they are, children of God and what they can become! i don’t know if its just being on mission but i felt like every single talk was pointed just to me.  Pretty sure it was just because i wasn’t sleeping for the first time!

In our area we are teaching quite a few lessons but none of them are investigators haha. We try to visit a member every day and less actives and i feel like it takes up a ton of time! We still got to meet with sinabo and Avela. We don’t even know what to teach them anymore. They have a baptismal date for the 23 of April and the only thing they need to do is come to church! Which is quite a big thing hahaha still working on it with them. They didn’t have a ride 2 weeks ago and this week was conference so they haven’t been able to be present for sacrament.

Had a really cool lesson this week. We were in Stellonbosch at the university (if anyone wants to study abroad this is the place!!! so beautiful and such a cool place) and we were walking and some guy randomly said hi to us which is unusual cause as missionaries people ignore you and try not to make eye contact ( such  an adjustment for me cause it was the exact opposite back home ;) ) hahahaha but anyways it was a less active studying and we scheduled a time to meet with him. Fast forward 2 weeks and we met with him. He was baptized at 16 and stayed active in the church for his teenage years till he came to college and then started to venture out to different churches. Anyways we were talking and he still credits the church for teaching him so much as a kid and he wouldn’t be where he is now without the church. Then we asked him why he went inactive, he just said he doubts his testimony.  We told him to stop doubting his faith and to doubt his doubts. Then we had him realize that when he started loosing his testimony was when he stopped reading the Book of Mormon. Cool thing was it was his birthday. It was such a cool lesson and great contact!! Reading the Book of Mormon is so important to gaining a testimony!!!

Love you,

Elder Shaw

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