Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24, 2017

(I asked him what was with the word yo)

Dear Fam,
Yo, which should be spelled yogh is just a saying here like wow or something along those lines and i say it a lot. i think my suit pants will be fine. i only wear the suit for 3 hours on Sunday and then i go home and take it off. But oh man i can’t tie my shoes with it on. The problem is in my thighs but good news is i lost 12 lbs and everything fits a little bit better cause we walk soooo much! My shoes are kinda ruined so i have less padding but im making them work. They look like they went through the 2 world war on d-day hahah.

Sooooo this week was great! We had zone conference and the president came down and did interviews. i love talking with that man. It’s so sad that he will be leaving in July. Most important thing is we had lots of lessons this week and people are progressing! Zizo will be getting baptized next week. She is 14 years old and does rowing. yo she looks like 19 years old and is a great person. But that will be awesome!!!

i dont even know what i ate this week. We were on exchanges and im pretty sure i ate a cow hoof. I dont really know what it was but it was not beef! sooo hard to chew. hahah. I’m sorry I don’t have lots of time, but love you lots and currently love missionary work more. 

(I asked what he wanted for his birthday)
i really like packages but they cost lots of money so it would be awesome if you could send a package because buying myself things is lame! i can buy most things here though. For my bday package send something for my comp. He would love it oh and you should send a thumb drive so i can store things! That would be awesome or what would be better is if you sent me money so i could by one here so i can get it faster!

elder shaw

love you for everything!

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