Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

I was just thinking and i couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have an ipad with gospel library. I could study sooo much easier and faster! kinda jealous but oh wells gotta love my scriptures.

I don’t even know what to say about my week cause it just flew buy. We taught a lot of lessons and a lot of people committed to come to church like 13 and only 8 showed up which was still good but if they would have come they would have made their bapt goal. After church we went and saw them to see what was up.

This week we are preparing to have zone conference with our new mission president and I’m excited to have an interview with him and, to sit down and talk and get to know him. I loved interviews with our last president cause its really is the only time you get to know him. Our mission is so spread out that you only see him like once a transfer and get to talk to him other than that your stranded on your own. We have to teach the missionaries while president interviews which will be exciting. During our last zone conference, we did it on sacrifices and what can we sacrifice to receive more blessings.

I’ve loss a lot of weight and I’m back to what i was before i left but i think I’m healthy. I’m not quite sure but I trying. I buy bananas every 2 weeks, usually last me like 2 days but oh well still love them. i mostly eat past like noodles with mince or hot dogs or just roman. i don’t know why but i love noodles and its easy to cook.

Usually the ward has 1 or 2 temple trips a year here and that’s like it. The temple has hotel rooms they can stay in for 100 rand a night (best deal ever) its like 7 dollars and its very nice!

I haven’t got my card yet but hopefully this week cause i want to buy a sweater, it got pretty cold this week. (His debit card was stolen.)

Ok on our senior couple, I’ve got to tell you about them. They are from Pocatello Idaho and they have a kid who just moved into our stake. i don’t know where or what ward but i know their son was the gatorade player of the year a few years ago for football. His name is treyton bell or something like that. You should meet the family. i love the Bells soooo much!! They are such a help to us! Senior missionaries make such an impact. I can’t wait to you guys serve! 

love you elder shaw

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