Thursday, August 3, 2017

July 31, 2017

Yo i feel like this letter is going to be super long!

Well this week started off super long. On Tuesday we had zone training and President Lebethoa came down and it was awesome. For our portion of the conference, we gave a talk on how can we teach more by the Spirit and it was really nice because many people participated! That’s always good when your giving a training but when we started President pulled out my comp for interviews first so i was just up there by myself haha kinda scary but once we got going it all went well! Then right after training we did an exchange with Elder Tshwane (elder lanes trainer) and oh man that guy is amazing. Seriously the best missionary i have run into! It felt like i was on exchanges with him instead of the other way around hahaha. He’s only a convert of about 3 years and knows soooo much! The exchange lasted a bit longer and we changed back on Thursday. Then from Thursday to Sunday, yo it was a blur. We taught about 25 lessons within those days and have some baptismal date set. We are going to have 3 baptism this coming Sunday and oh man that story is a miracle which i will tell in a little and then another like 5 on the 13!!! So exciting.

So we have this momma and son and they have been investigating the church for over a year now and i don’t even know what happened but something just clicked and they are always coming to church and committed to be baptized. .Ahh it was amazing and they are seriously the best. On Saturday we went to the sons high school rugby game and it made me miss organized sports so much! i wished i was on the field the whole time haha. i cant wait to get back and play with Jamo and Braiden when he’s done with basketball!!!! 

Hahah funny story, so are still teaching this lady Sanele and she always commits to come to church and never does. Anyway we were really sad she didn’t come today and then randomly she sent us an sms and said sorry i couldn’t make it, I’m in labor at the pioneer hospital hahaha,, First of all how are you even suppose to respond to that, good luck! hahaha We were dying laughing but its going to be hard for her to come to church now with a new child so we will see how that goes.

love you!!

elder shaw

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